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About ETO

Embellishing the Ordinary was founded by Laura Gillingham whilst at Norwich University of the Arts. One day, when Laura hit a creative wall, her tutor suggested she should develop her dazzling handwriting skills.

“For weeks I just scribed and scribed, whilst sitting in the studio, with nothing but Sepia ink, nibs and a pocket German dictionary. The shapes were stunning and angular. There was a real rhythm to my work too.”

Laura knew then she wanted to be a calligrapher for life. Following university she worked at renowned printers Gee Brothers, where she developed her knowledge of printing and paper. Her boss at the time soon encouraged her to go it alone and set up EtO formally, which she promptly did in 2015.

EtO has flourished, thanks to word of mouth and, of course, her ever-expanding family of loyal clients.

Our Values 

EtO is unique. We celebrate the handwritten word as well as the message behind it. We deliver  charming, high-end correspondence delivered in a traditional way.

Our Services

Taking the traditional approach to calligraphy and marrying it with modern and traditional processes.